Annex Pro


Short-Term Financing to Acquire, Rehab and Lease

Annex Pro is a great short-term business loan to help you acquire, rehab and lease vacant investment properties – perfect for a buy and hold strategy. If you’re interested in acquiring rental properties that need some updating prior to being rented, Annex Pro offers the financing you need. With no limit to the number of individual rehab loans (a pre-approved credit limit from $1.5 million to $25 million plus), low rates and fast funding for approved borrowers, Annex Pro is ideal for acquiring, fixing and renting properties.


Smart, Fast Loans for a Buy-and-Hold Strategy

If you are a scaled residential real estate investor, you know how hard it is to find a lender who believes in your business and wants to help it grow. With Annex Pro you can grow your real estate investment business with short-term financing solutions for renovating and leasing single-family investment properties—on a pre-approved credit limit.

  • Multiple properties – single credit limit from $1.5 million to over $25 million

  • Great rates for qualified borrowers

  • No limit to number of individual loans

  • No advance fee upon reaching pre-approved limit

  • No prepayment penalties

  • No personal income requirements – lending decisions based on balance sheet and personal net worth.