Business Coaching Services


What is a Business Coach?

I don’t consider myself a business coach. I consider myself a masterful thinking business partner and a high performance business mentor.


A “business coach” is a man or woman who can impact the growth of a business or individual – through the process of optimizing the business goals and persons involved through series of proven strategies, ultimately moving the entity towards mutually agreed upon goals. While this is not the reality of every situation, theoretically, they are going to have the ability to help a business owner, entrepreneur, or manager, to look at their situation, their circumstance, the totality, or an element of their business and to establish what I’ll call a delta. They’re someplace now and there’s a better place they want to be. They’ll come up with some higher performance goal. It could be becoming a better leader. It could be a better sales organization. It could be a better culture. It could be any number of things. And it can be formulated on an arbitrary or a critical criterion. So they establish an aspirational goal that is essentially a delta between where they are now and where they want to be. And where they want to be may or may not be where they could or should be. But it’s something the coach and the client agree upon together.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

The business coach’s job is to guide the client through the different points, methodologies, philosophies, and ideologies required for attaining the targeted goals for growth. The coach is there to guide, hold accountable, to alter, shift, or pare down perspective or mindset in order to help get through real or imagined constraints.  There’s a multiplicity of ways that a coach can work. But basically, the coach collaborates with the client to help the client. The coach doesn’t do the client’s work. The coach helps the client to achieve, over a period of time, a specific or an integrative goal that they set together. And it depends on the relationship. They could establish numerous goals and may do them one at a time for a long duration. It could be a short duration. It could be any of a number of things.

Business Coaching Packages:

Initial Meeting: $200.00 for 90 Minutes