Financing Your Accounts Receivables for Cash Flow and Growth


If you run a business that has a lot of outstanding accounts waiting to be paid, your life can seem like it revolves around those incoming payments. In extreme cases, it may even start to do so, as limited funds force you to wait to start work on new projects or to make new investments. Whether you are looking for working capital to make that move or you’re just trying to keep your pace of business steady, having the ability to access those outstanding funds would make all the difference. That’s when you need to think about accounts receivable financing.


How Accounts Receivable Financing Works

When you contact KEG-Financial, Inc about factoring, our associates review your outstanding accounts and your customers’ payment histories. This gives them the information they need to calculate an advance amount. After you receive the funds, we take over payment collection, sending you the remainder of each payment after our fee and your original advance are both deducted.


Benefits of Financing Your Accounts

  • Constant and predictable cash flow for your business

  • Never turn away work because of lack of funds

  • Renewable—finance new accounts as needed

  • No long term debt

  • Payment insurance on your customers at no additional cost to you

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