The media and entertainment industry is in the midst of rapid change.  Digital technologies are changing the manner in which content is produced as well as how it is consumed.  These changes are creating opportunities as well as pitfalls.

KEG-Financial, Inc. has extensive experience in the media sector, throughout the value chain.  We have been involved in production, bonding, finance, distribution and marketing for both film and television.  We know the latest market trends and niches and can integrate platforms to create maximum value and reduce risk.

 We Finance Film & Television projects.  We Finance Projects with budgets between $5 Million and $100 Million.

Types of Film Financing:



Print & Advertising 

Film Checklist for Each Project

  • Script

  • Pitch Deck

  • Budget

  • Cast Attached

  • Distribution


No Exceptions!! Must have complete checklist when submitting package for consideration. We would like for you to have anywhere between 10-15% equity already committed to your project.  

Note: You must have some type of asset already attached to the project to be considered for funding,ie, attached cast member, distribution, Experienced Director, Producer for the project you are pitching.